| 02.11.2014

TYPO3 East Europe 2014 is over. It has been a great event like last year, and I can only encourage you to join the T3EE next year. In my opinion it's a unique event with interesting topics. It has a nice mixture of visitors. And most importantly: the Romanian community is a warm and welcoming group of people.

The day before the conference we've been invited for a Romanian diner + party. Meeting people the day before an event is nice, it somehow puts the focus on the community. The first day of the conference we've had talks about TYPO3 Neos, TYPO3 CMS, the future of open source and working methods. And of course this day ended in: a (halloween) party.

The second day was filled with a diversity of talks about how dutch municipalities unite in open source, atomic development, SEO, jenkins, and a lot more. And again the day ended with a party.

Being at home I look back to a really great conference. I've had the honour to visit the Romanian community. I presented the current state of Neos, and we talked about we are discovering atomic design principals in development workflows. I've good hope that we can soon publish more information around this project.

While it is quite normal to meet new people on events I can say this event had an extra dimension. I've met so many 'new' cool people that it made me think about something this morning. We're talking a lot about the product family of the TYPO3 community. But maybe we should be talking about the TYPO3 family, about all the things we have in common and share (like our products) :-)

I'm looking forward to next year already, and hope to meet you there! And again: a big thanks to all people that helped organising this event, including the sponsors of course.