TYPO3 Neos Codesprint October 2014 - The final part

| 05.10.2014
TYPO3 Neos Codesprint October 2014 - The final part

And just like always good things come to an end. The Neos codesprint is over. It has been a great week which we enjoyed a lot. During the week the team worked on several topics, for example ACL's, CQRS, REST, content dimension support during import / export, backend localisation, reviews, moving tickets from forge to jira, phar support for Flow, developer toolbar, an image TypoScript object, cookbooks, frontend login, documentation, sitemap creation, schema.org node type import, friendly error messages, and probably much more.

We've been more than happy to sponsor part of this week. Our thanks also go to the other sponsors that enabled the sprinters to do their work.

While on our way home we ran into the football table below. It made me think about the TYPO3 community / Neos team.

On a 'normal' football table you play with about 2 to 4 players. Of course it's a competition, only 1 team can win. But most importantly, you need both teams to reach the ultimate goal: having a great time together.

On the table above there's another aspect to the game. When you play with such a table you will probably need at least 4 - 6 players if yo don't want to walk around too much. But if I count correctly you can play up with 20 players. 20 People that will reach the ultimate goal if they all use their talents. This way they can play a fast game, where every player actively competes. And of course there the cliche kicks in: we need a diversity of talents for that.

Last week we've seen almost 30 people work on several topics. It was a mixture of development, documentation, discussion, reviewing, project management, cooking, cleaning, climbing, playing pool, running, financial support and of course being backed up by followers, Neos users / integrators and other roles in the community and the TYPO3 Association. All those different people and talents coming together makes it possible to excel and I'm convinced that nobody left the sprint without learning anything during the week.

We really hope to be part of this awesome adventure for a long time and wish you all the same. And as we're inspired to share we would also love it to share what we've discovered / learned during our open source work over the last years. So if there are any topics you want to know about please let us know (for example by commenting below). We'll do what's within our capabilities to document, blog and tweet to share the answer to those requests.

For now: thanks again that we can be part of this community, and let's continue to join forces on this awesome product.