TYPO3 Neos Codesprint October 2014 Part IV

| 02.10.2014

Release planning, discussing features and their concepts, having BBQ and even climbing trees. Needless to say we are having a good time here in Denmark.

The weather is wonderful and making us sweat while fixing some (boulder) problems...

Sleep deprivation kicks in for me a little bit, but overall we are doing really well.

Work on REST, CQRS and Backend Localisation are topics we are still working on and progressing in. The team has done this huge race of getting all issues from Forge to Jira (we hope we offended no one in closing some older tickets that weren't actual anymore – if so, please know we didn't do so on purpose!).

Lot's of more stuff has been going on, o.a. some discussion on atomic design and about the difficulties for people to join in contributing. But also most new comers agree on the part where this team is amazing, friendly, open and warm welcoming to everyone!

Now.... back to some coding!