TYPO3 Neos Codesprint October 2014 Part III

| 01.10.2014
TYPO3 Neos Codesprint October 2014 Part III

Today we had another codesprint day. Work has been done in various areas and people are helping each other wherever they can. The topics being worked on include finalizing the ACL's, working on cookbooks, backend localization, reviews, the 1.2 release, REST / CQRS and a lot of other topics. As said before the atmosphere is just awesome. We've welcomed around 6 new contributors and it's good to see that they feel at home, join contributions and speak up if they feel like doing so.

I'm not sure if I can express how much I value this atmosphere, and I'm really looking forward to all the next events where we'll meet this team including the new contributors again.

The most important impression of the day to me is the talks we had tonight. We've had a discussion about atomic design and how to put it in practice in a TYPO3 Neos project. In about an hour we discussed how atomic design could be used for just templating, but also how atomic design can help to stay focussed for the full development team. We plan to do some blog posts about this topic soon and will talk about it on some upcoming conferences. If you're interested in the topic please respond to this post.

The end of the night / start of the early morning we've had a long talk about all kinds of things from daily work till really personal talks. It's so cool to see how a community event brings people together. Political boundaries are put aside, and we can have open one to one talks about topics. Even if those topics are the exact same topic that other people on the world are fighting about. This respect is probably one of the most important team values we can share as a TYPO3 community.

For now: good night!