TYPO3 Neos Codesprint October 2014 Part II

| 30.09.2014
TYPO3 Neos Codesprint October 2014 Part II

The facility here in Rødbey, Denmark is awesome. It's a huge mansion which we use for half it's size and contains beautifull decorated rooms, a pool table, a pool with a current so you can actually swim, a huge garden around it to walk and enjoy and a brick wall where some of us are eager to challenge the bouldering skills... As I said: the place is awesome!

Yesterday we welcomed another couple of friends and fellow contributors to the codesprint, completing the bunch of people hacking away at TYPO3 Neos for the coming days.
The atmosphere is great: people are sitting in groups everywhere through the mansion or on the porch discussing, programming, laughing and enjoying the company and the facility.

Sunday Aske highlighted some points to be working on over the coming period of time. Things like: improving programming workflow, documentation, finalizing stuff for the next release, planning, reviewing, improving user experience by stabilizing the interface, backend/ui localization and more features like backend ACL's, REST and CQRS to name a few.

Everyone just mentioned on which part they wanted to start working on and is grouping together and (getting into) contributing. Getting into? Yeah, we are thrilled to see the amount of new faces this Codesprint, it is really awesome to hear stories of companies sending developers to contribute and learn at the same time. Very, very nice!

As for us: Rens has been working on the Backend ACL's with Andy and has started to get to do some stuff regarding the REST implementation and CQRS.
I have been working together with Jonas and Berti of getting the Backend UI localization in a better shape and allow a user to set the preference for the locale he wants to see the Backend in.

Of course we have to do groceries, prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner and all of the stuff too - so we are working in teams to get that done. A great way of meeting people and sharing stories.

We are looking forward to get stuff done and make Neos better of the next few days.