TYPO3 Neos Codesprint October 2014

| 27.09.2014

At this time we're on our way to the codesprint in Denmark. Looking forward to a great week. But what about those codesprints? Why do we as SimplyAdmire join?

First of all we join because we like to. We like to work with Neos, like to work on Neos, and most importantly like to meet the simply awesome friends that invest their time in Neos. 
This codesprint we decided not just to join and put our regular work on a lower priority, but we also decided to jump in as a sponsor so we can make it a bit easier for other people to join the codesprint. It's Flow and Neos that enable us to do our daily work for customers. We're blessed with customers that enable us to create cool applications and websites, and this way we can give something in return besides just code and time.

Before this sprint we had some last minute talks to the web company Youwe. They decided to release one of their developers from active duty for a week – something we are very happy with!
We hope to infect him enough to leverage the amount of work he already does with Neos. Being an adaptor of Neos is of course contribution, sponsoring money is another way of contribution, but allowing your developers to work on Neos is a different kind of thing. It's sharing, it's inspiring, it's pushing the product and in return you get a developer that just had a boost during a –probably awesome– sprint. There are only wins in contribution!

We aim for publishing some short blogs during the sprint and keep you informed.