Het tweede weekend van maart 2017 zijn we afgereisd naar TYPO3Camp Venlo. 2 Dagen lang sessies over TYPO3 en andere topics. Het was een mooie mix van presentaties op de eerste dag, en kleinere sessies op de 2e dag. Topics die we bezochten gingen o.a. over TYPO3 v8, responsive technieken, docker,... Read more


I still see developers that manually edit their hostfile for every local project they run. Imho this is not required at all, and it's far easier to run a local dns caching server like dnsmasq, and use it to create a wildcard to a local development domain.
You can find many instructions on the... Read more


Onbekend met Neos?Neos is nog een jong CMS systeem waar u wellicht nog niet van gehoord heeft. Kijk eens rond in de onderstaande lijst, dit is een greep uit de Neos showcases.http://architectes.ch/
http://www.anita.com/Read more


It's almost a year ago. The developer days in Eindhoven 2014. It was the time we promised to publish how we use composer. It's a bit late now, but hereby our view on composer.
Composer is a great tool for managing your dependencies. That means it nicely pulls in code.
Unfortunately it had some... Read more


TYPO3 East Europe 2014 is over. It has been a great event like last year, and I can only encourage you to join the T3EE next year. In my opinion it's a unique event with interesting topics. It has a nice mixture of visitors. And most importantly: the Romanian community is a warm and welcoming group... Read more


And just like always good things come to an end. The Neos codesprint is over. It has been a great week which we enjoyed a lot. During the week the team worked on several topics, for example ACL's, CQRS, REST, content dimension support during import / export, backend localisation, reviews, moving... Read more


Release planning, discussing features and their concepts, having BBQ and even climbing trees. Needless to say we are having a good time here in Denmark.The weather is wonderful and making us sweat while fixing some (boulder) problems...Sleep deprivation kicks in for me a little bit, but overall we... Read more


Today we had another codesprint day. Work has been done in various areas and people are helping each other wherever they can. The topics being worked on include finalizing the ACL's, working on cookbooks, backend localization, reviews, the 1.2 release, REST / CQRS and a lot of other topics. As said... Read more


The facility here in Rødbey, Denmark is awesome. It's a huge mansion which we use for half it's size and contains beautifull decorated rooms, a pool table, a pool with a current so you can actually swim, a huge garden around it to walk and enjoy and a brick wall where some of us are eager to... Read more


At this time we're on our way to the codesprint in Denmark. Looking forward to a great week. But what about those codesprints? Why do we as SimplyAdmire join?First of all we join because we like to. We like to work with Neos, like to work on Neos, and most importantly like to meet the simply... Read more